"Meet Your Maker," our debut album, marks a significant milestone in our musical journey. Released in 2023, this album is a culmination of our passion for metal and our unwavering commitment to crafting captivating music. The album's production was spearheaded by our esteemed producer, Richard Scheufler, whose expertise and guidance played a pivotal role in shaping the album's sound.

The album's centerpiece, the captivating vocals of Mischa Xanders, are complemented by the harmonious backvocals of Richard, Inna Zůnová, and Matěj Beránek. Their collective vocal prowess adds depth and dimension to the music, creating a rich and immersive auditory experience.

To capture the raw energy and driving rhythms of our music, we enlisted the talents of guest drummer Richard Scheufler Jr. His drumming sets the pulse of the album, propelling the songs forward with precision and intensity. The final touches, mixing and mastering, were entrusted to the skilled hands of Martin Hollandr. His expertise ensured that the album's sound was polished and refined, while preserving the raw essence of our music.

"Meet Your Maker" is a testament to our collaborative spirit and our dedication to producing high-quality metal music. We invite you to embark on a sonic journey with us, to experience the captivating melodies, the powerful vocals, and the driving rhythms that make our music so unique.