Emerging from the vibrant music scene of Prague, Phobia Journal has transformed from a group of friends jamming in a garage to a seasoned metal band with a distinct sound and a professional edge. Their musical evolution accelerated with the addition of Mischa, a powerhouse metal vocalist, and Harry, a former classical violinist who seamlessly transitioned to the role of guitarist. This dynamic duo infused the band's sound with a heavier, more aggressive edge, propelling them towards the metal genre they proudly represent.

The band's collaboration with Richard Scheufler, an accomplished music producer and bass player, proved to be a pivotal moment in their journey. Under Richard's astute guidance, Phobia Journal honed their sound, capturing the raw energy and technical prowess that define their music. This collaboration culminated in the release of their debut album, "Meet Your Maker," a testament to their dedication and passion for metal.









While metal remains their primary focus, Phobia Journal embraces experimentation, seamlessly blending elements from other genres into their sonic tapestry. This willingness to explore and innovate sets them apart, allowing them to craft music that is both captivating and genre-bending.

The creative process within Phobia Journal is a collaborative endeavor, where each member contributes their unique perspective and musical flair. This collective approach results in a diverse and compelling soundscape, one that resonates with listeners seeking a fresh take on the metal genre.

Phobia Journal invites you to immerse yourself in their music, to experience the electrifying fusion of metal with diverse influences. Let their music ignite your senses and transport you to a realm of sonic exploration, where passion and creativity reign supreme.